Fluff: This poor journalist. This poor, poor journalist.

George Clooney’s new film, Gravity.

1. Mexican journalist asks stupid/amazing question at press conference for George Clooney’s new film.

So, there’s this film out at the moment called Gravity. It’s set in outer space. It has Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in it.

And it’s pretty popular despite a couple of glaring scientific inaccuracies. (We’re pretty sure that booty shorts aren’t issued as part of the NASA uniform.)

But perhaps the film was a little too real for Mexican TV entertainment reporter, Carlos “El Capi” Pérez.

At a press conference for the film, the reporter asked the film’s director, Alfonso Cuarón, “”What were the technical and human difficulties of filming in space? Was it very difficult, very complicated to film in space? Did the camera operators get sick?”

Oh dear.

Cuarón decided to play along, saying: “We were in space for three-and-a-half months. I got really sick during training.” And then everyone laughed at the trolling journo and the director’s humorous answer and the celebrity news story ended there, right?


Because – after receiving an understandable amount of ‘what the’ reactions – El Capi has since tweeted: “Excuse me Twitter for being a professional committed to information. Don’t tell me I was the only one who had that doubt.”

Wait… so was he actually serious? #confused

2. Prepare to go all gooey when you hear what James Franco did for a 15-year-old girl nursing a broken heart. Click here.

3. Stop the presses: Prince Harry eats fast food after football game.

Prince Harry, sans Nando’s.

This week, England won their World Cup qualifier against Poland. To be fair, it’s probably a game that they were always going to win, but we’ll let the poms be excited, regardless.

After watching the game, Prince Harry and his mates did what twenty-something men do after a football game – they went and had fast food.

And so it came to pass that the fourth-in-line to the throne wandered into Fulham Broadway Nando’s, and event that was featured as the top story for British tabloids The Daily Mirror and The Daily Mail.

But what does a Prince eat at Nando’s? We’re so glad you asked. The fine journalists at The Mirror have obtained Harry’s receipt from the adventure, which informs us that he ate a chicken breast fillet in lemon and herb sauce, cheese and a side order of mashed potato. He also purchased a double chicken breast wrap and chips for a friend.

So, there you go. Tackling the big issues. Always.

4. Vanity Fair magazine is celebrating its 100th birthday and has been going through its files searching for photos of celebrities before they hit the big time. Click here to see amazing shots of Rob Lowe, Alec Baldwin and Robert Downey Jr in their youth.

Miranda Kerr in the 2008 Victoria’s Secret Show.

5. Miranda Kerr confirms that she will not be taking part in this year’s Victoria’s Secret show.

Speaking at the launch of Stuart Weitzman’s line of 50/50 boots for Gilt, Kerr said that a scheduling conflict will keep her away from December’s show.


“They asked me to walk in the show, and I really wanted to, but I have to be in Asia that week,” Kerr said. “It’s interesting to know that it will be the first year that I’m not there!”

The 2013 Victoria’s Secret Show will be on Tuesday, December 10th (Wednesday, Australian time.)

6. Remember the baby from Nivana’s Nevermind cover? He’s 22! Feel old yet? Click here to see him recreate the famous image.

7. Elle responds to THAT Melissa McCarthy cover.

Melissa McCarthy on the cover of Elle.

Melissa McCarthy recently graced the cover of Elle magazine for their Women in Hollywood issue. Unfortunately, the majority of public opinion has been less than positive. The high fashion magazine has been slammed for covering up the curvaceous beauty.

Melissa looks stunning in a Marina Rinaldi coat, but she’s showing barely any skin. In comparison, the three alternate covers released for the issue feature Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and Penelope Cruz, all of whom are showing more skin than Melissa.

A spokesperson for Elle has released a statement saying: “On all of our shoots, our stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in, and this is no different: Melissa loved this look, and is gorgeous on our cover. We are thrilled to honour her as one of our Women in Hollywood this year.”

You can read our Publisher Mia Freedman’s defence of the Melissa McCarthy cover here.

8. Could Cory Monteith’s death mean the end of Glee? Read the show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy’s shock remarks here.

Charlie Hunham.

9. Could this be the reason Charlie Hunham backed out of Fifty Shades?

33-year-old Charlie Hunham has pulled out the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. But, while original reports cited scheduling conflicts, more and more evidence is suggesting that perhaps there were bigger issues at play.

Here are a couple of the theories circulating at the moment:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was concerned about his lack of creative control. Hunham had reportedly made many revisions to the film’s script, and was worried that they weren’t being implemented.

However, the latest theory is simpler: he just wasn’t being paid enough. According to E! Online, the actor was only receiving $US125,000 for his leading role in the film. To put that in perspective, Robert Pattinson – an actor who was relatively unknown at the time, and taking part in a film with a similar level of fanfare – received $US2 million for his role in the first Twilight film.

10. The Aussie celebrity divorce we didn’t see coming.

After 23 years of marriage, Linda Hogan has reportedly filed for divorce from Paul Hogan, citing irreconcilable differences. She is reportedly seeking spousal support from the 74-year-old Crocodile Dundee actor, who has an estimated wealth of $20 million. She will also be seeking  joint custody of their 15-year-old son, Chance.

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