Prince Harry has a new beard. This changes everything.

Because he’s like, so rugged and handsome now.

Prince Harry has always been a bit of a badass.

There was that time he smoked weed (gasp!), and of course the whole “Nazi costume” thing (harder to forgive, Harry).

But in a bold act of defiance that has surely broken all of the Palace/armed forces’ facial-hair rules, Prince Harry has gone and grown himself a beard.

And it looks good.

Before this, his baby-faced, red-haired look was endearing at best.

But now he has a beard and it’s like… what are you even thinking, Harry?

Prince Harry beard
Oh Harry, he’s dreamy. Source: Getty

He has successfully transitioned into “rugged and maybe a bit hipster” and I am not even mad.

It also places him in a category that I have helpfully made up that is just bound to take off as a global phenomenon shortly:

Explorer Chic.

Explorer chic is a type of man (or woman, #feminism) who is a bit rough around the edges, but wears the shit out of a suit.

Think Bear Grylls at the Logies.


Or, just think Prince Harry and his glorious, glorious beard.

Prince Harry beard
Stop it with your sultry eyes and handsome beard, Harry. Source: Getty

Of course, I’m not the only one who has now jumped on the Prince Harry bandwagon post beard.

The beard has multiple Twitter accounts in its honour, and many faithful admirers.

Importantly, Harry himself seems happy with his perfectly grown hair.

During a recent trip to Manchester with brother Prince William to renovate homes for ex-service personnel, it was clear that Harry knew he had made the right choice with a beard.

The same could sadly not be said for Will.

Prince Harry beard
In Manchester with a clearly devastated Will. Source: Getty

We can only assume the decision to beard came after Haz visited Australia and discovered the great works of Australian band The Beards who, unsurprisingly, sing exclusively about the power of beards.

They are very persuasive. And a little bit offensive.

A warning, this clip has some swears:

Video via The Beards

Whatever his reasoning, I only hope he continues to stick it to the man and develop his rugged and devilishly handsome style.

And maybe one day we’ll see him sporting a red-headed man bun, a sneaky tattoo, and a suit.

So Explorer Chic.

In case you need more references to fully understand the term, here are a few more Explorer Chic men in Hollywood:

Are you a fan of the Harry Beard?

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