Prince George's first act as a royal: to save a primary school.

He may be the King of England one day, but little George is already using his royal powers for good.

“With great power, comes great responsibility.”

While that phrase is usually reserved for the likes of Spiderman, it seems 1-year-old Prince George has already learnt the lesson.

Let me start at the beginning.

A little remote primary school called Chirton Church of England Primary was about to be shut down due to low number of enrollments.

So the students decided to turn to the only person who they knew could save their school.

Prince George.

Image via Chirton Church of England Primary website.

As part of a 'persuasive writing' assignment, the students wrote to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince George's dad and mum) asking for Prince George to be enrolled in the school (for later), according to the Express.

While Prince George won't be attending the little school in the future, each student did receive a personal letter back from the Duke and Duchess (mainly because as amazing as Prince George is...he can't quite write yet).

In the letters, Kate and William commended the school on their initiative and praised their school.

And then...the Prince George effect happened.

School enrollments doubled to 45.

With their letters. Image via Chirton Church of England Primary website.
Associate headteacher Amy Bekker-Wrench told Express, "I'm very very keen on the children writing for a purpose and when it came to our unit on persuasive writing we talked about who we could write to. We decided it would be amazing if Prince George could be enrolled at the school because that would encourage other people to join.""We were over the moon getting these letters back, they just landed on my desk. The story got a lot of publicity and certainly got people talking about us and got us a lot of publicity, and since then it has just gone a bit mad. We've got 45 pupils now and there's hardly a week that goes by when we're not showing prospective families round the school.""Very frequently the visitors will say they heard about the letters from the Royal family - only yesterday someone said that. The letters from the children came from the heart and I think it probably did show the school off and that got people interested."

Super powers.
The number of enrollments plummeted as people moved away from the local village, with only 19 students enrolled in September last year. Resulting in local authorities considering the closure of the school. But thankfully for Prince George and his super royal powers, the school will now remain open.Thanks George.CLICK THROUGH the gallery to see Prince George grow up:

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