FLUFF: Prince George plays with non-Royal babies.

UPDATE: Naughty Prince George has been spotted eating his mother’s hair.


Extreme cuteness ahead.



Little Prince George is currently in New Zealand with the Duke and Duchess (AKA Mummy and Daddy) on their NZ-Aussie tour. He has just joined a play group in New Zealand for some intensive Lego play – and the photographic evidence is almost unbearably cute. The 8 month old little fella deigned to play with non-Royal babies, and from what we hear he did not require that they bow or curtsey in his presence. Gracious George.

Here he is, tiny future King, playing with some other babies. He’s the one with the little overalls and the very intense concentration face.

The baby in red to Prince George’s right looks as though he or she may be singing to the young royal, perhaps a verse from “God Save The Queen”. The baby to Prince George’s left is playing it cool and averting her eyes. And the final baby, closest to the camera, is clearly freaking out about being so close to royalty. Which is only normal.

This is the first official engagement for Prince George on his royal tour down under, as he met with these other babies in Government House in Wellington, New Zealand. Ten non-Royal families have been invited to Government House for play time, all of whom have babies around George’s age. There’s a single mother and a gay couple among the group just to keep things interesting.

Naturally, some of the families present couldn’t contain their excitement about their kids being invited to royal play time.

One of the mothers, Kate Bainbridge, told The Daily Mail: “I’ve had a few jealous looks from other parents when they found out we were meeting the Duke and Duchess.Even though we come from a very different background we have got a lot in common with the Duke and Duchess because we’ve been through the sleepless nights and we can talk to them about our experiences.”

We’re giving you jealous looks right now, Kate. Riiiight now.
The highlights of the Royal tour so far…

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