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In honour of Prince George, chubby-cheeked babies galore.

In honour of the first birthday of his royal cheekiness, Prince George, we have the ultimate tribute.

Prince George is well-known for his chubby cheeks – which we think is his best feature.

So we gathered some photos from readers of their own chubby-cheeked darlings to rival George’s.

Just a reminder, this is what George’s cheeks look like:

And here's his equally cheektastic competition. Where the baby's parents have chosen not to provide us with their name, we have called them "Chubby cheek baby" - we mean this as the highest compliment.

Got a gorgeous chubby-cheeked baby of your own? Send 'em in!

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Share a photo of your chubby cheek bub if you think their cheeks rival Prince George's.

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Happy Birthday Prince George. Glad you still have those chubby cheeks.

Yes, it’s a bit creepy, but this is what Prince George will look like in 17 years.