real life

Meet Pricasso. He doodles with his, um, doodle.


Tim Patch is an Australian artist who decided paint brushes were SO Renaissance.

So instead of loitering around Bunnings aisles looking for the right hardware, he decided to just start painting with his penis instead.

With his penis.

He discovered his ‘gift’ during a trip to a public urinal, experimenting with the dexterity of his bits and awakening the painter within.

All hail, Pricasso!

You’ll see him on the video below (we probably shouldn’t need to warn you, but here it is anyway: you’ll see a man painting with his actual, non-stunt-double penis) but before you see how the sausage is made – so to speak – check out the art he manages to create:

Here’s the video:

– And to continue the theme, remember the guy who collects penises? ALL kinds of penises?