The Pretty Woman 25 year reunion had all the fun facts we didn't know.

Including the second ending we never saw.

It’s been 25 years since “Pretty Woman” charmed audiences with unlikely love, big laughs and the perfect on-screen matchup of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

On Tuesday, US TODAY‘s Matt Lauer chatted with the cast and director of the blockbuster — gathered together for the first time since 1990.

Here’s what they revealed about the classic rom-com during the exclusive interview:

Via the today show.

1. It wasn't even meant to be a rom-com.

While "Pretty Woman" made a big — huge! — impression with romance and comedy lovers, the film wasn't meant to be funny or a love story. Instead, it was scripted as a dark tale called "3,000" — a reference to the price Julia Roberts' character was to be paid.

"Richard's character threw my character out of the car, threw the money on top of her and drove away and the credits rolled," Roberts said of the intended ending.

2. Richard Gere didn't want the role.

As hard as it is to imagine that dark take on the tale, it's even harder to imagine the story without Gere playing the leading man. But that was nearly the case, as he turned down the part when it was first offered to him.

"A few times," according to director Garry Marshall.


"Well, there wasn't a part," Gere explained. "There was just nothing. The joke was [it was just] a suit. You could put a suit on a goat and put it out there, and it would work."

But things changed.

The Pretty Woman's cast reunion. Photo credit: Peter Kramer / NBC

3. Acting aside, the chemistry was real.

As the character filled out, Gere got to know his would-be co-star and he soon found her irresistible.

"We're getting to know each other," he explained. "We're flirty-flirty, nice-nice. ... And [Garry] calls up and is kind of like, 'How's it going?'"


But Gere still wasn't sure — until Roberts passed him a Post-it note.

"She turns it around and she pushes it to me, and it said, 'Please say yes!'" he recalled.

Of course, he did.

A funny catch up for the cats. Photo credit: Peter Kramer / NBC

4. Favourite scenes.

While fans who've rewatched the movie magic many times over the years can easily pick their favorite scenes, Roberts isn't quite sure which one she'd call the best.

As for Gere, he had no trouble taking a trip down his favorite part of memory lane.

"Well, it was basically any scene where Julia was walking — which was fun for all of us," he said with a laugh as he thought back to her short dress and long boots. "In that outfit. Yeah, it was all about legs."

5. Why wasn't there a sequel?

Fans loved it. The cast loved it. So why didn't they make a sequel to hit?

"We made a pact a long time [ago] — when we did it," Marshall shared. "We said, we're not doing 'Pretty Woman 2' unless we all do it together. And we—"

"We're happy to announce ...," Roberts interrupted with laughter.

But after the exciting tease, they both said, "...We didn't do it."

Of course, any fan would eagerly point out, there's still time!

Would you vote for a sequel to Pretty Woman?

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