Pregnant woman narrowly escapes death ... in her own bed

A heavily pregnant woman narrowly escaped death on Saturday night when a drunk driver lost control of his car and crashed into her bedroom.

Josie Jefferis and her husband Ben were lucky to escape serious injury after the driver of a Toyota Hilux smashed into their house in Carey Park, Perth.

Moments earlier, Ben Jefferis had rolled over in bed to give Josie a hug.

Ben told Nine News if he hadn't, his legs may have been trapped under the bonnet. The pair were showered in glass and shaken by the crash, but fortunately unhurt.

"My husband's feet would have been underneath it if he hadn't have been cuddling me," Josie said.

The driver tried to reverse out of the crash, but Ben leapt out of bed and hauled him out of the car so he couldn't flee the scene.

"We have that many hoons going up and down the street, you never know if it's going to drive past or come in," Ben said.

The couple - who were renting the house while building their first home - are now in the process of finding somewhere to live and took to Facebook to thank everyone for their help.

"Would like to say a huge thank you to the police, fire fighters and neighbours who helped us out tonight!" Josie wrote. "An extra special thank you to the SES volunteers who came out for no reward to secure and clean up the wreak of a bedroom that silly man left us with! We truly appreciate it, there's no way Ben and I could have done it. Its nice to know that even though there are some douch bags in the world who wreak things, there are also some wonderfully kind people who are there to help fix it."

A 38-year-old man has been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol in excess 0.08.

Sadly, it seems the message of The West Australian's Pledge For Nate is falling on deaf ears. It's been less than a month since the campaign was launched to target drink driving, following the death of Nate Dunbar, who was asleep in his cot when a drunk driver crashed through the wall of his house, killing him. He was just eight months old.

Here's the website's plea:

The West Australian and Channel Seven Perth have joined Nate’s parents Stacy and Justin to make our roads safer.

We are not saying don’t enjoy a drink. But if you do, never, ever drive.

We want you to #pledgefornate. We want you to share it online. We want you to plan your nights out so you are never tempted to drink and drive.

You could save a life – even your own.

With New Year's Eve tomorrow, it's a terrifying reminder that drink driving can have tragic consequences.

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