The pregnancy bag check list to rule them all.

“We have a list, a well organised, pre-planned and intense amount of items that we are told we MUST bring along with us.”

We are a super organised bunch of people these days. No longer do we just grab the car keys and dash to the hospital when the baby decides it’s time to make its way into this world.

Nope, we have a list, a well organised, pre-planned and intense amount of items that we are told we MUST bring along with us.

Most of these are stock standard things like:

  • Pyjamas – check
  • Slippers – check
  • Camera – check
  • 3 x  wondersuits for bub – Check
  • Toiletries – check
  • Nappies/Wipes depending on your hospital.
  • Heavy duty maternity pads – check (by the way, too many can never be enough). Also, as an aside, if that there feels like an overshare, you better turn away right now because TMI is about to take on a whole new meaning.

On top of that there were those items recommended to “aide” me through the birthing process.  “OH, you simply must take this Enya CD in with you and this lavender oil to burn during labour.” Let me tell you, the only place that Enya CD was going was somewhere that the sun wouldn’t shine (which would be up their arse, just so we’re clear).

So I had a think about it and after three children, I’d like to think I learned a little. Plus, I asked around and got some surprisingly insightful responses and recommendations especially from all the lovely people on the Mamamia Parents Facebook page. I wish I’d thought of some of these ideas myself.

Starting with:

  • Phone charger/extra camera batteries –  so obvious yet for some reason, SO often forgotten.
  • A dummy. I know, I know, you won’t be needing one. You don’t believe in them. Don’t sleep for 48 hours straight and you *might* just change your mind. Believe me, take one. Just in case.
  • Baby nail scissors – babies are often born with long fingernails and they scratch their little faces because let’s face it; they have no control over their limbs.
  • Mittens – see above.
  • Flushable wipes for YOU –  fairly self explanatory.
  • Lip Balm – hospital aircon is generally crap.
  • 10 packs of black undies – I’d even suggest disposable undies. Let me give you the tip, you are NOT going to want to wear those suckers ever again.
  • Snacks – ain’t no hospital canteen in the world that is open at 3am.
  • A pen! – there are endless forms to fill out in those first few days.
  • Ural – just google it and trust me on this.

  • Eye mask and earplugs – a shared maternity ward can be bright and loud.
  • Massive undies – addendum to the black undies suggestions, buy them big, especially in the case of a caesarean.

  • Long BBQ tongs –  if you have a caesarean, bending down to pick things up can be a rather painful task!
  • Singlets with built in maternity bras – best invention EVER.
  • Button up tops – I cannot stress this enough.
  • Prunes.

  • Spare plastic bags for dirty clothes (seems obvious but often forgotten).
  • Panadol – in case the nursing staff are too busy.
  • Cash! – no one carries this around on them these days and you might need some when they come around selling goodies.
  • Thongs to wear in the shower – because just say no to tinea.
  • One of those memory eraser things so that the poor soul that ended up down the business end can sleep at night.
  • And most importantly – courage and fortitude.

God speed lovely mummas and good luck!

Do you have any recommendations on what a mother should pack for her hospital stay? Any words of wisdom?