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Don't want to wait nine months to hold your baby? Just do this

Is this new pregnancy trend super-cute or super-creepy?

Pregnancy is exciting, but for some of us used to instant gratification, it’s just too darn long. If you’re too impatient to wait the full nine months to hold your new baby, we have the perfect solution for you.

Meet 3D baby. 3D baby is a way to hold your new baby before you give birth. These 3D replica’s of your baby are meant as a memento of your pregnancy and allow you to see what your baby looks like before birth.

I love that this baby looks so content.

You can hold your child and examine its features. You can practise caring for it. Your children can become used to having a new brother or sister. Or you can just stick it on a mantel like a strange, home decoration.

Or you can use it to play pranks on people. The possibilities are endless.

To have a 3D baby made all you need to do is send your ultrasound to the 3D baby website.

Don't want children of your own? You can buy a 3D baby of your own. Um, how sweet?

Would you do 3D baby? Think it's a beautiful keepsake or too weird for words?

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