Man Post-Its what being a parent is like. Man nails it

Ever been guilty of a passive-aggressive Post-It? Well, the bar has been raised…

A stay at home dad has used passive aggressive Post-it notes to communicate to his wife just how hard he is finding the slog at home. Yep, we hear ya.

When stand-up comedian Chris Illuminati ended up being stuck at home with his two children, he decided to write the post-its which began as a way of reminding himself of what he had to do in his new role as primary carer. Eventually he began to use them to channel his frustrations. He also decided to share his musing with the world through his blog Message With a Bottle and the results are hilarious.

Illuminati is dad to four-year-old Evan and nine-month-old Lyla in New Jersey in the US and says they provide him with plenty of inspiration. “I think it’s an odd but fun way to chronicle our kid’s life. Instead of a scrapbook, we have notes,” he said. His has now gained thousands of followers.

The 36-year-old writes up to 100 notes a day and he says approximately 2 of those are funny enough to share with his many followers.

Read some of his brilliantly penned thoughts here:

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