Video of a police officer shoving a young mother in the chest five times has sparked concern online.

A video showing a Queensland police officer repeatedly shoving a young Aboriginal mother in the chest has been viewed close to half a million times.

The footage was recorded on Saturday and shared on Facebook by National Indigenous Television journalist Danny Teece-Johnson.

“This is how #deathsincustody start,” Teece-Johnson said.

“We need to have a national discussion on how police engage with our mob. Is this an example of #violenceagainstwomen? You tell me?

“It is alleged by a witness that the #Boondallpolice in QLD did not have a legal search warrant to enter the premise and also arrested a minor. Thus questioning the legality of the arrests. The Police went to the house on a anonymous call from the public saying there was a domestic violence dispute. This turned out to be totally false and they we’re just having a sing & a dance like most Australians do on a Saturday night.”

Watch the footage here:

Video via GCC Melbourne

The footage shows Natasha King, 30, shouting “that’s my son” and trying to get close to the 16-year-old as he is arrested.


The same police officer pushes her back five times with increasing strength, telling her to “move back” and “sit down”.

As the teen is taken away, Ms King tries to follow police, before another officer yells at her to “sit down and shut up, sit down and do what you’re told”.

He then says to another officer, “You got cuffs mate? Arrest her”.

Ms King’s 17-year-old daughter, Loanna, told the Daily Mail police entered the wrong home in Boodall, north of Brisbane, in response to reports of a domestic violence dispute.

“About five police men busted through our door and grabbed my brother who they said was being arrested for domestic violence, but my mother kept yelling to check his record because it’s clean and he is only 16,” she said.

She said her two-year-old brother was left in the home alone after police arrested her entire family and placed them in police vehicles for 20 minutes, where they were charged with obstructing police.

Queensland police told BuzzFeed News the officers thought they were responding to a domestic violence incident and entered the house under provisions in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act to ensure the safety of those present.

Police charged two adults and two youths.

“It is alleged that whilst investigating the matter, police were both obstructed and assaulted by persons in the house, resulting in four persons being detained,” the statement said.

“Queensland Police are yet to receive a formal complaint in respect to this matter, however, as a matter of course, police will review all available evidence.”

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