Wildcard: The Facts On Sunscreen

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26 Nov 2020 · 20 minutes

Wildcard: The Facts On Sunscreen
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There are a lot of rumours, myths and misinformation out there about sunscreen.  UVA vs. UVB?  Chemical vs. physical sunscreen?  Is there a big difference between sunscreens made for the face and the body?

On this episode of You Beauty’s Wildcard series, Leigh sits down with chemistry PhD and science educator, Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin, to discuss all things sunscreen and sun safety.


UV Index Widget: https://apple.co/2Kqg5A0

SunSmart App: https://bit.ly/3nDCojY


Host: Leigh Campbell

Guest: Michelle Wong - Lab Muffin .... https://labmuffin.com/

Producer: Madeline Joannou


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