Ksenija Lukich Uses An...Interesting Product As A Lip Balm

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06 Feb 2019 · 22 minutes

Ksenija Lukich Uses An...Interesting Product As A Lip Balm
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You can find all the products mentioned in this episode, right here.

Ksenija is the E! Host Australia. If there's a cool event you can bet she's covered it and she also interviews the biggest stars in the world on the daily.

In this episode Ksenija chats about having eczema through her teens and which products are best to treat scarring.

Plus she reveals the product she found from her mother's baby store that works a treat for chapped lips.

In our Spendy Savey segment she shares her favourite cheap buy to make your lashes stand out for any event.


Host: Leigh Campbell

With thanks to Ksenija Lukich 

Producer: Rachael Hart


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