BEST OF In Her Bag 2020: A Skincare Addict’s Guide To Glowy Skin

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23 Dec 2020 · 22 minutes

BEST OF In Her Bag 2020: A Skincare Addict’s Guide To Glowy Skin
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This episode was originally published on 13 August 2020, and is part of our Best Of In Her Bag 2020 Series.

In this week’s episode of You Beauty, Kelly is rummaging through Alisha Bhojwani’s beauty bag. 

When it comes to skincare, Alisha knows what she’s talking about. She makes some fantastic educational content on her Instagram @lishyglows, where she simplifies products and ingredients in an easy to understand way. She also loves encouraging people to enhance their natural beauty, and is the queen of glowy skin.  

When Kelly spoke to Alisha she broke down how she got so obsessed with skincare, why she loves investing in skincare and using more ‘savey’ makeup and her number one recommendation when her friends come to her for skincare advice.

This episode was brought to you by Clinique ID.

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Host: Kelly McCarren

Guest: Alisha Bhojwani

Producer: Hannah Bowman 


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