2. The Battle Of The Boob

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25 Jul 2017 · 58 minutes

2. The Battle Of The Boob
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Whether you’ve opened a 24-hour milk bar or bottles are your best friend, this episode is all about the battle of the boob. It’s supposed to be the most natural thing in the world so why can breastfeeding be so stressful? Is there too much pressure on women to breastfeed? What happens when that just doesn't...happen?

Hosts Holly Wainwright, Christie Hayes and the Year One team of in-house experts look at all the options, but promise not to tell you what's best for you, since there are enough people doing that already. We’ll discuss expressing, bottle-feeding and what to do when everything goes tits up.

Bras off, lets get started.

Show Notes

Episode Guests:  Midwife Cath  & Amy Schmidt

Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Christie Hayes

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