3. Getting Sleep Sorted

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25 Jul 2017 · 53 minutes

3. Getting Sleep Sorted
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All parents are liars. And what they lie about most is sleep. How much they get, how much the baby gets, how the much their partner gets. Yes, it's the contest of who has the most and who has the least.

Snuggle down and tuck yourself in, this episode of Year One is all about sleep. Hosts Holly Wainwright, Christie Hayes and the Year One team of in-house experts will weigh in on quesitions like: How important is routine? Can you wing it? Should you bundle up your baby like a burrito or put it in a bag? Plus we get advice on co-sleeping from Midwife Cath.  

Show Notes

Episode Guests:  Beth Barclay Midwife Cath  

Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Christie Hayes


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