8. The Food Diaries

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29 Aug 2017 · 62 minutes

8. The Food Diaries
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You might be a MasterChef in the kitchen, cooking up the latest in kale, pork belly or truffles but your baby won’t care. They're all about mush. Tasteless and nutritional mush. 

This episode is all about starting solids. How can you recognise allergies? What's the best fix for fussy eaters? How can you introduce different flavours, and when? Is there a trick to getting less food on the floor, and more in their gob? And if you're thinking you should just let them eat nude and hose them down after, you're not alone.

Show Notes

Episode Guests:  Dr. Daniel Golshevsky aka Dr. Golly &  Philip's Brand ambassador, Jess Beaton  

Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Christie Hayes

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