The Vanishing Of Vivienne Cameron

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The Vanishing Of Vivienne Cameron

Phillip Island lies just off Australia’s southern coast, about two hours from the city of Melbourne.

In 1986, the Cameron family were well known on the island. Fergus Cameron was a founding shareholder of the Phillip Island Grand Prix, but day to day worked on the family farm. He was married to Vivienne Cameron, and the pair had two small children. 

One night in September, the body of a 23-year-old woman was found inside her home in what has been described as one of the most horrific crime scenes. And then, another woman went missing. Immediately, police thought they knew what had happened. 

But all these years later, there are still unanswered questions. A mysterious phone call. A handbag that was miraculously moved. And blood that revealed something no one was expecting...

In 1993, crime writer Vikki Petraitis published her first book The Phillip Island Murder. Twenty-seven years later, she’s working on a podcast with Casefile about the case of Vivienne Cameron’s disappearance and is hoping to finally lay the mystery to rest.



Guest: Vikki Petraitis 

Host: Jessie Stephens

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Executive Producer: Zoe Ferguson


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