The Lady Vanishes: What Happened To Marion Barter

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17 Jul 2019 · 42 minutes

The Lady Vanishes: What Happened To Marion Barter
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How did Marion Barter’s overseas holiday in 1997 become her last? Reporter Bryan Seymour, host of The Lady Vanishes podcast, takes Jessie through the case of missing person, Marion Barter.

A beloved teacher and mum, Marion was living a happy and fulfilling life before she disappeared.  So why did she sell her house and change her name before travelling overseas? And why did she return three weeks later only to drain her bank account of all savings? Or did she?

Marion’s children, Sally and Owen, haven’t heard from their mother since she left the country the first time.  So what happened? Did she meet with foul play? Or did she choose to vanish and start a new life without the family she loved so much.

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GUEST: Bryan Seymour
HOST: Jessie Stephens
PRODUCER: Elise Cooper

If you have information about the disappearance of Marion Barter you can email [email protected] alternatively you can leave an anonymous tip at



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