A Killer Cop: Roger Rogerson Was More Than A Murderer

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07 Aug 2019 · 58 minutes

A Killer Cop: Roger Rogerson Was More Than A Murderer
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Roger Rogerson is one of the only Australian killers with a badge. A fraudster, drug dealer, and killer, he was finally stopped in a murder plot now known as one of the most recorded murder cases in Australian history. How did a celebrated detective not check where CCTV cameras were before murdering Jamie Gao? Why did those who stood in his way start to “disappear”?

Duncan McNab is a former police person turned author and journalist who quite literally wrote the book on Roger Rogerson. He joins Jessie for this episode to take us through the life and crimes of Rogerson, and why McNab believes Rogerson to be a truly evil man.

You can buy Duncan McNab’s book Roger Rogerson; From Decorated Policeman to Convicted Criminal at all good bookstores and online.


GUEST: Duncan McNab

HOST: Jessie Stephens



Roger Rogerson; From Decorated Policeman To Convicted Criminal by Duncan McNab

NSW Police Force Press Conference

Channel 10 Eyewitness News

Police escort Roger Rogerson from Sydney home https://bit.ly/2yFhzgE

2011 The Life and Times of Roger Rogerson: Beyond Blue Murder

60 Minutes Australia: Bad Cop Good Cop

1986 National Channel 9 News


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