The Real Life Narco

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30 Sep 2020 · 32 minutes

The Real Life Narco
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It was a tropical night in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, and 45-year-old Luis Navia’s 25-year stint as a narco (a drug trafficker) was coming to an end. 

Ever since he’d first tried the stuff as a young man, Luis had dealt large quantities of cocaine. 

It was the era of Pablo Escobar, of the Netflix series Narcos, of Miami Vice,  Scar Face and  American Made. So much has been written and explored about the cocaine market of the late 20th Century but until now, none of those stories properly included Luis Navia. 

Pursued for more than 12 years, Luis’ time on the run was drawing to a close. Luis would walk out the front doors of Tamanaco InterContinental airport and wait for a taxi. He didn’t know that he was about to be captured by the National Guard of Venezuela. He’d be threatened with a scalpel. 

Once arrested, Luis was sent back to Florida where he would finally face justice. It’s where he had studied at university and where his parents lived. He emerged from the airport in a white shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes, looking like he didn’t have a care in the world. If he felt anything, it was relief. 

His life for so many years had been one of secrets. He’d watched people be held over pits of crocodiles, tortured and murdered. He’d spent more money than anyone could ever dream of. No one, at that moment at least, knew his full story. Until it was told by Jesse Fink. 

Guest: Jesse Fink

Host: Jessie Stephens

Producer: Lem Zakharia 



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