The Cost Saxon Mullins Paid For Being A ‘Witness’

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02 Dec 2020 · 40 minutes

The Cost Saxon Mullins Paid For Being A ‘Witness’
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It was 2018 when Saxon Mullins, now 23, came out and said the four words: “I am that girl.”

People had heard what had happened to a young woman in a laneway behind the Soho nightclub in Sydney’s King’s Cross. 

They heard what a man, Luke Lazarus, son of the nightclub owner, said to her. 

The public was also aware of what happened next. 

But it took five years for Saxon to say those words, “I am that girl”, and she said them to ABC journalist Louise Milligan. 

Saxon did what she was meant to do. She reported alleged assault. She turned up to court. She sat in the witness box and she told her story. 

But, Louise Milligan asks, at what cost?

Louise Milligan is an investigative journalist, a reporter for the ABC’s Four Corners program, and Walkley Award winning author. Her most recent book is Witness: An investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice in which she explores Australia's legal system and how it treats witnesses. 

She gives us a glimpse into a world so many of us will never see, and explores the stories of various witnesses, including Saxon Mullins and Paris Street. 


Guest: Louise Milligan, Reporter for ABC Four Corners and author, Witness: An investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice 

Host: Jessie Stephens

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Executive Producer: Zoe Ferguson


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