The Life Of A 21 Year Old Undercover Cop

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15 Jul 2020 · 42 minutes

The Life Of A 21 Year Old Undercover Cop
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In this episode, Jessie speaks with one of Queensland’s most highly regarded police officers, Keith Banks, about his experiences as an undercover operative in the 1980’s.

At 16 years old Keith traveled from Townsville to study at Brisbane’s Police Academy and by the time he was 21, the young, straight-laced country boy was risking his life to infiltrate some of Australia’s most dangerous drug syndicates. 

To hide his identity Keith often became involved in the exact crimes he was hired to uncover.

In his new book Drugs, Guns & Lies: My life as an undercover cop, Keith shares his incredible story in an era riddled with corruption. 

Guest: Keith Banks  
Host: Jessie Stephens
Executive Producer: Elise Cooper
Producer/Editor: Hannah Bowman 




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