Four Children, Three Murders: Kathleen Folbigg’s Story

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24 Jun 2020 · 35 minutes

Four Children, Three Murders: Kathleen Folbigg’s Story
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Kathleen Folbigg is thought to be one of the most infamous serial killing women in Australia. She was found guilty of the murder of her three infant children, Patrick aged eight months, Sarah aged 10 months and Laura aged 19 months, between 1989 and 1999. She was also convicted of the manslaughter of her first child Caleb in 1989.

The main evidence used against Kathleen were her personal diary entries, however there was very little physical forensic evidence to support the prosecution's case against her.

Dr Xanthe Mallett is a trained forensic scientist and criminologist who has met Kathleen, and covered her case for her book Mothers Who Murder: And Infamous Miscarriages of Justice. Xanthe joins this episode to explore Kathleen’s upbringing, the death of her children, and the court cases and inquiry that followed.

Guest: Dr Xanthe Mallett 

Host: Jessie Stephens
Producer: Elise Cooper




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