How Laura Frizzo Caught The Black Widow: Part Two

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11 Nov 2020 · 31 minutes

How Laura Frizzo Caught The Black Widow: Part Two
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This is the second half of a two-parter. If you haven't heard part one yet, listen here and then come back to listen to part two. 

Chris Regan, a 53-year-old war veteran and father of two sons, hadn’t been seen since October 14, 2014. Weeks turned into months, and as the lakes of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula turned to ice, there was still no sign of him. 

Inside Chris’ car, police had found one item of interest; a handwritten note that appeared to be directions. At first, it hadn’t made any sense. But once police looked more closely, it became clear they were directions to the home of Kelly Cochran, a colleague who Chris was having a relationship with. 

According to Kelly, her husband Jason Cochran was aware of her affair with Chris. Her affairs were simply part of their marriage. She’d seen Chris a few days before he’d disappeared, but she didn’t know where he’d gone, or why he’d left. 

But police knew this wasn’t true. 

Kelly knew far more than she was letting on. And they were beginning to suspect so did her husband Jason.



Guest: Laura Frizzo

Host: Jessie Stephens

Producer: Lem Zakharia 

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Executive Producer: Zoe Ferguson


  • The true story is dramatised in the new docu-series Dead North.


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