BEST OF 2020: How Nicola Gobbo Became Lawyer X

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BEST OF 2020: How Nicola Gobbo Became Lawyer X

It’s August, 2005, and Nicola Gobbo’s life is about to go in a direction she never anticipated. 

Nicola is a successful defence barrister, best known for defending Melbourne’s most prolific organised crime figures, from Carl Williams to Tony Mokbel. But things have become very messy. She wants to get what she calls the ‘Mokbel monkey’ off her back. She’s become too involved in ways she says she never intended. She’ll later say she’s tired of being stood over by criminals who are manipulating the justice system. She’s scared and distressed, and close to breaking down. 

When Nicola Gobbo arrives at the courthouse and finds two detectives standing outside, words spill out of her mouth and tears fall down her face. She tells them things she shouldn’t. The detectives see this as an opportunity, and suggest something that’s never been done before. 

Her decision that day would affect thousands of people, and ultimately force her into hiding. 

The most resounding question when it comes to Nicola’s behaviour is: why?

This episode was originally published on October 22nd and is part of our 2020 Best Of series.


Guest: Rachael Brown

Host: Jessie Stephens

Producer: Lem Zakharia 

Executive Producer: Zoe Ferguson



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