What Really Happened To Azaria Chamberlain?

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What Really Happened To Azaria Chamberlain?

As the sun set over Uluru on August 17th, 1980, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain put their two month old baby Azaria to bed.  What happened next is burnt into the collective consciousness of not just Australia but the world.

This won’t be like most episodes of True Crime Conversations, mostly, because in this case there was no crime.  Instead, it was one of the most significant and devastating miscarriages of justice Australia has ever seen.

So impactful was the handling of this case that forensic science in Australia was completely overhauled and as a result we’re now one of the leading countries in the field. 

Host Jessie Stephens speaks to legal scholar, criminologist and historian Katherine Biber about the case of Lindy Chamberlain and the death of her daughter Azaria. Katherine co-authored the book The Lindy Chamberlain Case: Nation, Law, Memory.


GUEST: Katherine Biber
HOST: Jessie Stephens
PRODUCER: Elise Cooper



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