"Born With The Devil In Me": America's First Serial Killer

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06 May 2020 · 33 minutes

"Born With The Devil In Me": America's First Serial Killer
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Dr Henry Howard Holmes was America’s first serial killer. The charismatic criminal lured his victims to his hotel dubbed “the murder castle” during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The building was riddled with trap doors and booby traps, a crematorium and gas chambers. The rumours of his depravity were far reaching and propelled H. H. Holmes to infamy. However the man dubbed America’s first serial killer may not have been responsible for the murders of as many people as he claimed.

As director and author John Borowski explains,  Holmes derived pleasure from the planning of his crimes, not necessarily carrying them out. Borowski has written a book about Holmes, and directed a true crime documentary following his life and crimes. Once arrested, Holmes was prolific in claiming murders to have been by his hand, though some alleged victims came forward to attest that they were very much alive and unharmed. 

Fuelled by desire for fame, or bloodlust, the case of H. H. Holmes and the murder hotel has as many twists and turns as the hotel in which they were carried out.


Guest: John Borowski http://johnborowski.com/ 

Host: Jessie Stephens

Technical Producer: Luca Lavigne

Executive Producer and Editor: Elise Cooper


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