Working Mums Are Making Kids Obese... Apparently

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14 Mar 2019 · 30 minutes

Working Mums Are Making Kids Obese... Apparently
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According to a UK study, working Mums are the reason kids are obese. Holly and Andrew chat to dietician Susie Burrell to find out if there's any proof supporting this.

Plus, even in 2019 there are still some people who feel uncomfortable about men working in childcare. Childcare worker, Nick Stephens shares the type of judgment he's received, just for wanting to work with children.

And we've all left something at an airport before, but a mother on a flight from Saudi Arabia forgot something a little more valuable than a phone charger.


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Nick Stephens and Susie Burrell. 
You can keep up to date with Susie through her website:

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