When Your Three Year Old Goes on a Boys' Trip

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05 Oct 2017 · 43 minutes

When Your Three Year Old Goes on a Boys' Trip
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We’re a little bit miffed that a toddler has a better social life than us, but the show must go on.

Meanwhile, the kid economy is absolutely thriving in Ben Fordham’s neighbourhood. But is 9 years old too young to operate a whipper snipper? He might need to workshop this child labour setup a bit more…

Plus, 2006 called and dumb phones are back. If you’re a smart parent, you’ll get your kids an old school brick.

And are you wondering what the heck is going on with the whole Safe Schools shemozzle? Do we want it? Have we got it? We were as confused as you are so we invited Benjamin Law to give us a 101 on Safe Schools.

Show notes
Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Ben Fordham

With thanks to Benjamin Law 

Today's show was brought to you by KFC crunchy sesame slaw.

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