Big Kids: Ok, What Actually Is Tik Tok?

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Big Kids: Ok, What Actually Is Tik Tok?

Hello, Hello! 

Today Andrew and Holly chat about the 'hands-off' parenting trend... But is that just plain old parenting? 

And Holly sits down with an incredible Mum of 8 children, Kim Tucci, who already had 3 children when she gave birth to a set of quintuplets. 

Plus safe on social expert Kirra Pendergast drops by to answer the question of every parents mind lately... What The Heck Is Tik Tok!!! 


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Kim Tucci & Kirra Pendergast. 

You can pre-order Kims book "I've had 8 babies and if there's one thing I've learned..." 

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