Want To Not Hate Each Other After Kids? There's A Trick To It

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31 Jan 2019 · 27 minutes

Want To Not Hate Each Other After Kids? There's A Trick To It
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Let's be honest. Your relationship changes when you have kids. But can the rules of one famous Aussie singer limit the collateral damage? Andrew Daddo (married for 24 years!) thinks maybe yes,

Plus, we help answer a dilemma from a listener who's having a LOT of trouble with her in-laws.

And, Is your child anxious about starting school or being back at school? We talk to a no-nonsense psychologist about exactly what YOU can do to help them.


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

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This podcast was produced by Luca Lavigne & Rachael Hart

With special thanks to Clinical Psychologist Renee Mill. 
You can purchase Renee's book Parenting Without Anger here;

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