TRAVEL BONUS: Twin-Toddlers? 30 Flights? No Problem

this glorious mess

09 Mar 2019 · 25 minutes

TRAVEL BONUS: Twin-Toddlers? 30 Flights? No Problem
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Imagine being under the age of 5 and you've already been on more than 30 flights.

Sean and Josh Szeps are frequent flyers and so are their kids and they're not even two yet. So how do they manage to keep two babies entertained on long haul flights without losing your mind?

And it's every parent's nightmare...losing a child when you're on holidays. Andrew and Holly share the story of Vicky Hamilton-Ross whose nephew went missing at the beach in the UK.


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

This podcast was produced by Luca Lavigne , Rachael Hart 

With special thanks to Sean Szeps & Vicky Hamilton-Ross

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