The Teenager Who Climbed Everest

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09 Jun 2016 · 35 minutes

The Teenager Who Climbed Everest
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Imagine waving goodbye to your child as they left to scale Everest.  Glenn Azar did just that. His daughter Alyssa Azar just climbed Mount Everest - the youngest ever Aussie to do so.  So what's it like having an extreme teen?

Plus, can your unborn baby speak to you? Actress Megan Fox thinks so. And when you force your children out into a storm to feel the weather on their face - is that a nail or a fail?


This show is hosted by Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to the extraordinary Alyssa and Glenn Azar.

This show was brought to you by Penta-vite the children’s multivitamin specialists.

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