The "race you to your pre-birth weight" episode.

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28 May 2015 · 40 minutes

The "race you to your pre-birth weight" episode.
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Just had a baby? Are you back in your bikini yet? Us neither. Why are we so obsessed with post-baby bodies?  Also, what's it like having two mums? We talk to a woman who grew up as a gayby.  Plus, why a hairdresser refused to cut Alys' hair, and Holly finally outwitted her toddler. 

Show notes

Thanks to Maya Newell, of Gayby Baby. Find out more at The Gayby Project.

Thanks to Fitmum Sharni Keiser

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright And Alys Gagnon, editor of ivillage

Andrew Daddo is away, in the jungle or the surf. He'll be back next week.

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