The Terrifying Text Slang of Teens

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09 Feb 2017 · 24 minutes

The Terrifying Text Slang of Teens
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Remember the innocence of LOL and ROFL? Those were the days. If you're feeling smug that you know what 'bae' means, sorry to break it to you, but there are a slew of new cyber slang terms that will curl your toes. Do you know what GNOC and KYS mean? Yikes. And ICYMI, social media is awash with PSAs. That's parenting service announcements.  From sunscreen rashes to inflatable pool toys that go bad, is it good or too paranoia-inducing? Plus, finally, a kids book where the main character has two mums. We talk to the author who crowdfunded this story of love, acceptance, and families that come in all different shapes and sizes.

Show Notes

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Jo Abi

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