What Really Goes On at Schoolies

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12 Oct 2017 · 42 minutes

What Really Goes On at Schoolies
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It's nearing that time of year again when our teenagers set fire to their school books and hightail it to the beach for a week of sex, drugs and debachery, otherwise known as Schoolies. But what really goes on behind closed (trashed hotel room) doors? We ask a young person to share his Schoolies tales.

Plus, can you throw caution to the wind and give someone else's kid a nickname? Because Fred is an old man's name. But Freddy? Now that's just freaking adorable. 

And if your kids wind up black and blue after squabbling over the remote, we discuss how much sibling fighting is normal, and when it's time to intervene. 

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Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Ben Fordham

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