The Mum Who Gave Birth In Peak Hour Traffic

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26 May 2016 · 37 minutes

The Mum Who Gave Birth In Peak Hour Traffic
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Peak hour traffic is painful enough. So just imagine giving birth it in. 

It's something Adelaide mother-of-two Bianca Grant knows all about. She was calmly on her way to hospital when she got stuck in roadworks. So, it was feet up on the dash, and away she buses drove by...and strangers walked past....

Plus the babysitter that robbed a bank with kids in tow.   What do you do when your son decides he likes cat food more than human food? And just when you think you’ve nailed your kids birthday party, the best #fail story we’ve heard this year.

Show Notes

This show is hosted by Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Bianca Grant, and congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Danica.

This show was brought to you by the G10 people mover. 

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