Screw the Minions. Let's Take the Kids to Watch Saw

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29 Jun 2017 · 31 minutes

Screw the Minions. Let's Take the Kids to Watch Saw
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Can you take your kids to see Wonder Woman these school holidays? We ask that movie guy Marc Fennell how you can pick a kid-safe movie that won't have you sticking popcorn in your eyes. In news that will have parents everywhere popping the champers, experts say kids only need a bath once a week. Just give them a Pommie Wash and send them off to play in the mud. Plus, Larissa Waters' magnificent breastfeeding moment in Parliament stopped us in our tracks, but your stories were EVEN BETTER. This is why we love you, you'll share all your puke filled parenting moments. The messier, the better. 


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Marc Fennell 

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This episode was brought to you by KFC's sweet potato mash. Mmmm. 

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