Big Kids: “Why Do Dads Get Sick Days But Mums Don’t?”

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20 Aug 2020 · 17 minutes

Big Kids: “Why Do Dads Get Sick Days But Mums Don’t?”
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Are you an embarrassing parent? Do you do things to make your kids blush? You’re not the only one, because even celebrities can’t escape embarrassing parenting moments.

Jennifer Garner put on her best costume and white bonnet for an American history lesson... accent and all. Would your kids cringe just at the thought of that?

Plus, we have a listener dilemma that’s divided the human race since the beginning of time… What should you do when your partner’s throwing sickies, and you have to always pick up the slack?   

And in this week's nail and fail, Daddo’s finally solved the secret to nailing a marriage…  It only took him 25 years to work it out.


Jennifer Garner - 



Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Andrew Daddo

Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh & Zoe Ferguson


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