Over-Parenting, Lunchbox Politics and Fish Funerals.

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02 Feb 2017 · 101 minutes

Over-Parenting, Lunchbox Politics and Fish Funerals.
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The parenting experts have given us the greatest gift in their latest piece of advice – do less. Sounds blissful. But what happens when Jo 'I track my kids' Abi meets Michael 'your coddling is ruining your kid' Grose? And with school back, there’s a whole new wave of lunchbox rules to navigate and the teachers are watching so closely you would think the kids were smuggling in beer and cigarettes. But it's left us wondering - what the hell is nude food? Plus, Jo has been branded 'Fish Murderer' by her kids. Ouch. 

Show Notes

Your hosts were Holly Wainwright and Jo Abi

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