No Fish Funerals At Schoolies

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13 Dec 2018 · 26 minutes

No Fish Funerals At Schoolies
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Moolies are the new Toolies. Mums are following their teens to Bali and beyond during post-school celebrations in a bid to shelter them from harm and keep them on the straight and narrow. But can you really shadow your child on Schoolies or do they need to be out on their own to learn some responsibility? We also hear from a mum who's concerned her son's grandparents are gifting him an inappropriate present for Christmas. Andrew isn't so sure. Plus, what do you do when your little boy gets into a fight and what do you say to them directly afterward so they don't do it again?


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

Thank you to special guest Maggie Dent

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