My Perfect Mother’s Day is One Without My Darling Children

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My Perfect Mother’s Day is One Without My Darling Children

But if you have any better ideas, PLEASE let us know. Andrew's daughter Annouk is in the studio this week to share what Mother's Day in the Daddo house looks like. Is it all soggy toast, cold coffee and crumbs in the bed? Tom Hawkins' partner posted a baby picture that made us all go 'aww' until we noticed a bit of a problem that you might have missed, but country parents will pick straight away. Is little Arabella a 'real country girl'? You be the judge. If you need a little joy in your day, these parents came up with the sweetest way to memorialise their kids' dying grandfather. We love their style. Plus, is it a nail or a fail if your kid doesn't know that B is for Bugger? 


Your hosts today were Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to the lovely Annouk Daddo

Your homework this Mother's Day is to tell another mum what a great job they're doing. And yes, that mum can be Holly. 

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