Do You Have To Hire A Tutor To Be A Good Parent?

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26 Sep 2019 · 34 minutes

Do You Have To Hire A Tutor To Be A Good Parent?
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This week Holly has a confession about that Fail when her teeth met her son's finger a little too... enthusiastically.

Also, why has tutoring become the new baseline of 'good parenting' in so many homes? Isn't having kids at school expensive enough?

We talk to the very funny comedian/musician/DJ/author Matt Okine about what being a new Dad in 2019 is like, and how it's different from the old days when Dad was just expected to be a bit of a baffoon.

And Holly and Andrew answer a listener dilemma from a Mum who's daughter is struggling... with people spelling her name wrong.


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Matt Okine. 

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