You Made A Shopping List From My Feelings!

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16 May 2019 · 38 minutes

You Made A Shopping List From My Feelings!
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In this episode Andrew and Holly speak to Sarah, a woman who got in touch with us to spread a positive message about being a single parent. Sarah has decided to have a baby through IVF as a solo parent. We chat about her experience and how she's feeling on the eve of being induced.

Meanwhile, one of our listeners has a fail that has us cringing but also laughing inside. 

Plus it seems even Madonna has normal teenager problems, she believes her relationship with her kids has been ruined by giving them a phone when they were 13.

And Is it time to re-shuffle the baby shower process? Some women are now opting to have a baby shower post-birth as a sort of 'welcome to the world party'. Some say it's superstition, some say it's just easier!


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Melbourne Mum, Sarah. 
You can follow her journey;

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