Little Kids: Isolation's Almost Over And We’re Dreading It

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24 May 2020 · 24 minutes

Little Kids: Isolation's Almost Over And We’re Dreading It
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On this episode of This Glorious Mess Little Kids, Leigh chats about being a “one and done” kind of gal… but people are still asking her if she’s going to have another baby. Is it ever okay to ask that? 

And, Tegan’s so used to isolation now that she’s not coping with the thought of going back into the big wide world. 

Plus, her WTF moment is that she still can’t get over her toddler’s “nonsense” temper tantrum. This week Indi threw a fit because she couldn’t wear her jeans OVER her PJs. We feel you, Teigs! 


“Little Kids: So, How Many Kids Should We Have?”


“Little Kids: Maggie Dent Knows Why Your Toddler Chucks Tantrums”



Hosts: Leigh Campbell & Tegan Natoli

Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh


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