Big Kids: ‘I’m Telling The Kids We’re Still In Isolation’

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04 Jun 2020 · 20 minutes

Big Kids: ‘I’m Telling The Kids We’re Still In Isolation’
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Remember when your weekends were filled with the kids Saturday sports and birthday parties… Then along came COVID and you were FREE again! Well, Holly wants to hold onto that freedom, so she’s decided to tell the kids there’s still restrictions. Whether they’ll fall for it or not is an entirely different story. 

And, parents are throwing parties for their kids because they made it through isolation… One parent even hired a little Shetland pony! Yay or NAY? See what we did there?   

Plus, Daddo nailed parenting this week when he forced his kids to watch the Korean movie “Parasite”, but they had to put down their phones and ACTUALLY watch it… mainly because it had subtitles. A nail AND a hack in one! 



Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Andrew Daddo

Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh


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