Big Kids: There Are A Lot Of Hours To Fill In An Inside Day

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Big Kids: There Are A Lot Of Hours To Fill In An Inside Day

Holly and Daddo find out how people are entertaining their kids indoors, including some ingenious ways to get them to do chores while you’re stuck at home. And one in particular involves some sneaky but effective reverse psychology! 

Plus Daddo gets hit with some hard truth about why his kids never put away their dirty laundry. We’ll give you a hint… it starts with “en” and ends with “abling”. 

And in this week's nail and fail, Holly has a devious, yet ingenious plan to get rid of her partner’s “ugly” sandals.  

Check out the links below for indoor activity ideas: 

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  • ROAD TEST: 11 cool activities for kids to do at home, as rated by a nine-year-old -  
  • 'Hold a family meeting.' 6 tips to help you and your kids cope with COVID-19 anxiety - 


Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Andrew Daddo

Producer: Pariya Taherzadeh


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