Ho Ho Ho it's the Super Merry Festive Yuletide Christmas Special

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09 Dec 2017 · 26 minutes

Ho Ho Ho it's the Super Merry Festive Yuletide Christmas Special
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Is your tree up yet? Are your stockings hung by the chimney with care? Do you even HAVE a chimney? Whether you're a Christmas fiend or a bit of a grinch, listen in to our holiday bonus to hear the best advice you need to survive the silly season. 

From what toys the kiddies really want (if it's not too late to buy them, that is) to when you should have 'the talk' about Mr Claus. Stick some tinsel in the kids ears, this one is adults only. 


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

Today's show was brought to you by World Vision Australia.

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